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  1. Product review sites are good but it is best to depend on long tail keywords. If it is a new site, it will be difficult to get some sales. How about try buying an established site and placing some ads on there? It would really save a lot of work for you..
  2. I would have to say the Best Article Spinner... However, I just tested out their new spinner and it really changed. I remember when I used it in 2010, it was so easy to use. Maybe it's just me and not being able to get used to their new layout. Ohwell...
  3. Godaddy issue

    Hello Richard, I have about 18 sites there already. Well, I mostly flip sites and sell them so it's not an issue for me. I'll end up selling them all within the next few months and moving onto another hosting. I think it's about time now. Not really looking for shared hosting, vps, or anything like that. Just want to join a hosting company that is EASY to use in terms of navigation. This is the most important thing for me. Also, preferably a hosting that has one click install for Wordpress as I always use Wordpress.
  4. Godaddy issue

    I've had Godaddy for like 8 years now and am afraid to change hosting companies but there is an issue here. Some of the servers are down at Godaddy and it's been effecting my websites for two weeks now and they say they can't do anything about it but wait. Can anyone recommend me a better hosting company? I have no clue where to go but want someone who is reliable.
  5. Rank Facebook fanpage?

    Well, if you want to rank your Facebook page you will need to concentrate on keywords.