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  1. SEO Company

    Hi mate, I am here and much happy to help you. - 100% unique content - 100% manual backlink Contact us to get sample for Full time VA and MANULA Package. Skype: jenny88.bs
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  3. Hi, We can appoint a full time/part time staff, even hourly rate for you to handle this work. Let me know ASAP. My Skype: jenny88.bs
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  5. WTB Manual Blog Comments

    we can help out with blogcomment services as you asked PR2-9. Contact me to get more details: (Skype: jenny88.bs) Jenny
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  7. Local SEO in the UK

    I am new here but I know the local seo much and want to share here with all for Off page SEO: 1. long-tail keywords. Should build backlink for "main KW+ place (name of town/city...) 2. Content Is King: Generating SEO-friendly Content, Tagging & Linking Within Your Content Citations are useful, as are local directory listings like yell.com, yelp and the like.
  8. In fact when we build links it means that very difficult for "white hat seo". But I love Tiered links. We work for many clients and get high result. Tier1 link to moneysite with best quality backlinks. For many many links for Tier2 and 3, point to backlink Tier 1 to push all backlink at Tier 1 (not to money site).
  9. In order to rank for specific languages and countries is important that you build a crawlable and indexable site structure, with their own URLs that will be ranked (the Google translate plugin won't help you with this), with optimized content for each one of them, and after, you build links from sites in these countries towards them. Remember the fundamentals of SEO: Is Relevance (relevant text content that is indexed and optimized) and popularity (links, citations, references).
  10. Does the bookmarking still work?

    It still works very well for getting pages spidered and indexed. Not much good for link juice directly, but will give you some diversity and possible "social" benefits. If you do get traffic, probably isn't high quality.
  11. 4 SEO tips for newbies

    I just want to add more for SEO Trend 2013: 1. Keyword in Domain name 2. Keyword in Post Url 3. Keywords in Title tag,headings, meta description and in Body 4. Optimize Images 5. Interlinking 6. Optimize your Website/blog 7. Submit your website/blog to Search Engine/Directories 8. Easy Navigation 9. Quality Contents 10. Social Network
  12. It is really very much better if you comment to blog manually. Coz if you are going to use autoblog comment your comments will be considered as spam.. You can hire a virtual assistant to work for you. It is best if you post on relevant niche site. I recommend you to go to dropmylink.com to get list.
  13. Google Places/Maps, do backlinks for local site with local lists! In case you do backlinks for local site, you should build your site with KW in domain, with local KW (town,city...) in URL and target KWs with local KWs!
  14. I use addmefast.com but I wonder that after a short time, some of likes and comment disappear. Can you suggest?
  15. Which social sites helps you more ?

    I love G+. Create them with full profile as your own site, add circle and give your comment, share to other social...as "follower". After Google updated I think that G+ is the best for traffic and very safe.