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  1. SEMRUSH guru subscription group buy - historical serps FTW

    let me know I dont use api so
  2. Hi, I want to get semrush guru http://www.semrush.com/limit_historical_data.html it allows 3 sessions so 3 people can login the big advantage is we can see historical serps so what a site that fell down ranked for before and analyse all data this makes you WIN everytime the one who learns from the past can win the future now we will know all past of all sites how cool is that? I will allow 2 other people you need to be at least a little established so each needs to pay 50usd a month only people who will at least subscribe for 3 months I will create a subscription on which you pay me and I pay them all will get the same login so honesty required anyway we are only 3 you me and one more add me on skype after posting here to apply ( skype = adam prattler ) if anyone knows any other cool tools and apps let me know and we can create more such group buys
  3. maka a million lose a million for no good reason and then kick yourself back up so hard you cant feel your butt anymore lol!
  4. please send me a list as well interested
  5. I finally managed to land in the primary tab what I did and I dont know which ones did the trick I send out several non transactional personal looking emails I added in the names of the persons I sent to in the body of the email I tested out several providers looking for those which did not have the standard footer which marks they are a known email sending provider Added my own self hosted unsubscribe link I also add numbers and data in the emails as much as possible I link out to 1-3 trusted websites in the email and only one self link
  6. Blog network hosting

    Would you mind sharing which hosts you went with? on a seperate note would really love a huge list of cheap shared host which are decent and tried by members maybe a thread would be good and ill be happy to start compiling user replies into one big spreadsheet
  7. I second http://rankcheckerace.com just because of the way it displays historically even when you are in overview page Something that micrositemasters didnt do and made me crazy only to see the daily changes I mean i am interested to see what moves up over the longer term and msm just didnt do that for me unless i opened each page one by one and rankcheckerace does this natively + a big props to them giving away big leeway with the free accounts which can actually hold a lot of keywords and urls as opposed to other so called trials another great thing about the ace tracker is you can update your rankings virtually anytime as you can just click the update button which is great for impatient people like me
  8. Hi TP! I was wondering if it would be a good idea to have a section where people can post group buys to seo/IM tools and products? For example something like thevault has Also would be nice to have a section where people can post real valid collaboration options they want to JV on but just bar investment only jv's as they are too high risk imo Would love to know what TP management thinks as well as forum members off course
  9. Hi Guys! I wanted to give back something to the community and will share my private master list of sites where you can submit your infographic. Some sites you need to email or submit their contact form but people do reply if they think you have something nice. If you do email I suggest always adding your unique description to the info with your link in it this saves them time as they dont have to write one for you and gets it published faster as well. Master list of infographic distribution https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AtEuXUDUUU4VdEM3M051eTcyX1RDT29pbHdyQ0lMQlE&usp=sharing Note there are more sites where you can submit and infographic to that arent dedicated to infographics if this is well received ill see if I can do a follow up post on that too once im through submitting to them : ) Adam
  10. Is there any new tools for email marketing?

    try using the self hosted application sendy it auto integrates with amazon ses so you will inbox most anywhere and at the lowest cost possible instead of using expensive email sending providers this combo beats them all
  11. I have a site dealing with infographics and would love to exchange guest posts with anyone who has sites in design, development or even social media niches. Just shoot me a pm with the url and I will reply
  12. I am Emily

    hey emily welcome seems like its been some time since you were active hope you will join us more these days
  13. Which social sites helps you more ?

    I am using reddit for posting pics and this works quite well as pics rarely get downvoted
  14. Top Article Site Submission Service?

    also looking for this but I would rather have people not reccomending their own service Would love to see people vouche for external services to get some diversity and credits in from what people like elsewhere