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  1. Best NON-YouTube Video Traffic

    Thanks everybody for the responses. I ended up going with Wistia, and so far it's working out pretty well. I'm also in the process of trying some other things to get back some of that free traffic.
  2. HI there, Up until recently I was getting TONS of traffic from YouTube. I've had my channel for about 5 or 6 years, only in the past year it really started smoking. I was up to about 600,000 views per month, and I was getting tons of signups to my list from YT traffic. AND people really loved my content, and it helped me sell lots of stuff on my site, due to my YT reputation. But then BAM! I'm BANNED FOR LIFE from YouTube, violating terms and conditions, not sure why. Sent an email begging for help but I don't expect much. The GOOD NEWS is I've still got all the content on my hard drive that made me a YT rock star. My Question: What is the best way / place to upload this content that I already KNOW people love (and are sending me emails asking me WTF?), so I can get what I've lost? I've got about 200, thirty minute hypnosis type vids (or MP3's as the case may be) that I need to get back out there as quickly and efficiently (from a marketing, conversion, branding standpoint) as possible. As it stands now, I'm organizing all my content to re-upload to DailyMotion, but I'm open to ideas. At worst, this may be just a month or so glitch, before things get rolling again. But it could be a Golden Opportunity (of what I don't know yet). Any ideas? Thanks! George
  3. Perfect! Just read the post on your. EXACTLY what I was looking for. Know anybody who provides a service that sets these up? (not managing it, just setting them up with themes plugins, etc).
  4. The ugly side of Google Adwords

    A better question might be why filthy rich companies can spend obscene amounts of money on advertising without worrying about dipping into the red. Maybe they're REALLY really good at satisfying customers, much better than everybody who can't afford the top Google spot? Maybe they've got some fat government contract, and are effectively spending tax dollars, that other companies don't have? Maybe they're gangsters and have cornered the market, and kneecap all their competition? Who knows. But blaming Google, I think, is missing the point. As a keen student of economics, I can tell you that ANY KIND of artificial limit on prices, other than what freely choosing buyers and sellers agree on, generally messes things up WAY more than people realize.
  5. Penguin 2.1 launched today

    Google would LOVE to run penguin constantly. But I suspect they ain't nearly as powerful people think. I suspect there's so much time between "updates" is because they've got to sort of "test" their algorithm, meaning they run it and then do a bunch of human tests, have a bunch of meetings where everybody throws their weight around, etc, and then finally decide to pull the trigger. One thing about market share is that once you lose it, it can take FOREVER to get it back. If people start thinking of Google as a "has been" search engine, it's ALL OVER for their profits. It's not like they turn a dial and it's instant. If they mess up, and people slowly realize Google is getting worse and worse, they can't exactly turn back. I suspect their just as defensive of their market share, or even more so, than they are aggressive at weeding out the spammers. I also think all of these updates are not PURELY algorithm based. I suspect their targeting out whole TERMS by hand that are spammed by affiliate types.
  6. Why I'm leaving SEO (sort of)

    Personally, I think Google and SEO folks will find some kind of happy medium. Not because of anything sappy like "agree to disagree" type of crap, but because of pure business. More because of the raw unthinking forces of the market. The days are long gone when sites rank simply from natural, peer based linking. The web is quickly turning into the world's largest marketplace. So anybody that's got a website that is selling something is going to have a budget for SEO. And as long as Google is intending to keep it's market share, they are going to need to continually make sure folks think of Google as the go-to search engine that quickly delivers what they're looking for, whether they're looking to buy something, or looking to get a free coconut cake recipe. So I think they'll be some kind of "equilibrium" between Google's algorithm, and those who are purposely "gaming" the system to keep their traffic flowing. The bottom line for Google is to maintain market share, which is really their means to maintain their PPC profitability. They've been trying other business models for years, but their core business is PPC. I don't think that necessarily excludes those that game the system, in fact, I think that kind of requires it. I figure that those that put the time and effort into building really good sites, selling decent products, and maintaining relationships with their customers will also be "gaming the system," so to speak. What that happy medium will be is anybody's guess. But I do believe that SEO will exist, and still return a pretty good ROI (for those who can figure it out) as long as Google exists. Any "signal" that Google uses to rank sites can be gamed. It's just a matter of figuring out what they are, and being willing to put in the time and money to replicate them.
  7. Penguin 2.1 launched today

    Another thing to keep in mind is that the bulk of Google's profits comes from Adwords. So whatever they do is to get more money from that. How do they do that ? Two ways. 1) Get more people buying Adwords - This where the PR comes in. Telling the world every few months Google is on top of spam and therefore buying ads is a good deal. 2) Get higher CTR on their ads. Meaning if people are paying for ads for "dog training" and there are a few well built, HQ sites that are organically ranking for "dog training" Google's going to trash them regardless of their on page or off page SEO, simply because trashing them, and replacing them with crappier top ten results for "dog training" will increase the CTR for those particular adwords. Naturally, (for Google) it's a balance between Adword revenue and adword participants, which is dependent on Google's market share. So they're not really trying to "force" SEO folks to buy ads, their just not to keen on effective SEO efforts (white, gray or black hat) from eating into their pie. Unfortunately, there's no way to test this since only Google know what typical CTRs are or the number of participants, and their average spend, on Adwords (not to mention how that's broken down to any degree). If this is true, then this means any and all future updates will seem completely random and out of field, AND nearly impossible to reverse engineer. I think it's safe to say that Google see's websites who rely primarily on SEO for their traffic as a needed enemy, since their HQ websites take away traffic from paying customers, but at the same time, keep Google's market share pegged to the top. Without those variables (CTR for specific keywords compared to others, as well as increase or decrease in the competition for said keywords) it's anybody's guess.
  8. Penguin 2.1 launched today

    My two cents. I haven't been hit, but then again the links I've been building have been to drive traffic, rather than create backlinks. As such they've been extremely high quality and unique. I would consider this my T1, I suppose, and I've only spent a little bit of time or effort hitting them with fiverr spam. Consider that Google is not operating with the precision of a surgeon, rather they are like a medieval doctor trying to remove a tumor (of unknown size and location) with an ax. As such, they'll scrape out healthy tissue as well as miss plenty of cancerous growth. Figuring they'll come back later when they see how the patient recovers. Their bottom line, as it were, is to keep the patient (their profits) alive and kicking. Not necessarily to leave them looking pretty. As I'm sure you all know, Google's only concern is their bottom line. And no business, even Google, has the luxury of turning a couple of dials and increasing their profits without risk. I'm sure they're sitting around in their board meetings cussing out Cutts because of his impact on profits wasn't exactly as predicted.
  9. Motivation

    Only two things will motivate you. 1) Do something you enjoy, AND makes money, so you don't have to FORCE yourself to do it. or 2) Focus on the money you'll make, or more precisely what you can get with that money. Use whatever you want to spend your future money on (freedom, silver coins, hookers whatever) as your primary driver to consistent daily action. For the most part of human history, for the large majority of people, work sucks, either doing it on your own or doing it for somebody else. That's why in economics, it's referred to a "dis-utility." Obviously, the name of the game is to start out on number 2 and hopefully move towards number 1. And that's a life long process. Toiling at stuff that sucks until you find something you truly enjoy that pays big fat coin. So, whenever you're stuck with some lo mo, take the long view of things. Think a year or two out, and see how your actions today affect your life in year or two.
  10. Well to be fair, any forum is basically private property. While mods don't get paid a salary, I suppose some of the "perks" of being a mod is to be able to tilt the field in your own favor from time to time. While it's not an honest way of doing business, IMO, I can see the reasoning behind such behavior. You own a shop selling snake oil to suckers, so naturally you're going to kick anybody out who says that the snake oil doesn't work. Or the mods, in this particular case, would be like guys helping the shop owner for free, in exchange for running their own snake oil sales from time to time. I do concur with the list posted above. This forum here is MUCH more helpful (to me at least) than the WF, which seems to be filled with keyboard jocks trying to outdo each other with their amazing insight and knowledge. There also seems to be quite a few cliques operating behind the scenes. That being said, I have gotten a lot of repeat business from the WF, so I gotta take it all with a grain of salt. The only other one I'm familiar with is BHW, which makes me feel like I'm breaking the law just by going over there.
  11. WF is a business, so it stands to reason the mods are going to tweak it in their favor. Kind of like Google... Forums that offer sales threads are kind of like privately owned malls. They can kick out vendors whom they feel may affect their bottom line, or attract the wrong crowd, etc. As far as the data presented by the OP, interesting data, but I might disagree with your conclusions. Hard to tell people's intentions via click data.
  12. Sneaky Sneaky Google...

    Google's a business, and like any other business, their bottom line is profits. In order to maintain their billion dollar PPC yearly revenues, they've got to keep people coming to Google instead of Bing or Yahoo or Baidu or Facebook or any other place people go for information. And as a business, they'll do anything they can to protect their market share. Is this good? Depends. For the vast majority of people, Google represents a free service. As long as it works, they'll still use it. What do people use it for? Information. I suspect that for most people, finding information quicker is better than slower. It will be interesting to see how search engines evolve over the next few years. I'm sure that forward thinking entrepreneurs looking to exploit under viewed websites and their useful information will come up with some kind of lucrative business model to supplant Google eventually. Always happens. Companies start out with great ideas, get too big, and make mistakes. Then smaller companies come in and exploit their weaknesses. Course, this may be hard with Google in cahoots with Booz Allen.
  13. HI there, I'm interested in this service. However, when I check some of the providers, I'm not finding anything for a lot of them. Is there a list of links to their sites somewhere, so I could check out their services individually? Thanks