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  1. trafficmystic

    Paypal Payment issue

    you have pre-approved payments for yourself where you signup to a trial or monthly sub and it sets up a delayed payment plan to start say 30 days in advance and for 'n' amount of months. This is what most subscription will use. The company you pay to can cancel this but you can also check your approved payments and also do this in your paypal account. If you sell software on a subscription you can also set this up for people who pay you for a trial or subscription as well.. So you can have the approved payments as a seller or a buyer in your paypal account. Here is the cancel process Go to Account Overview > History > More Filters drop down menu > Select Subscriptions and Agreements > Recurring Payments > My Profiles > Enter subscription start date >Show > View the details of a specific ‘Subscription Creation’ using Details > Cancel to cancel subscription. Steve
  2. trafficmystic

    Anyone Outside The US/UK Using A Good Alternative To PayPal?

    check out deal guardian as well.. also good for a product release
  3. trafficmystic

    Paypal Payment issue

    you need to check your pre-approved payment in your profile.. you will be able to cancel any of the ones setup.. if they have been taken for more than the month originally specified raise a dispute.
  4. trafficmystic

    Norton 360 vs Avast

    i would have a look at nod32 by eset. Much less of a process hog and has a better heuristics engine than both norton and avast.. it's paid but well worth the price.. I've used norton, avast and mcafee in the past and non of them are a patch on nod32.. I use it on all of my work and also development machines..
  5. trafficmystic

    Internet Marketing giveaways thread

    Hey Guys, I been meaning to add this for a while and did a new update this week to me power indexer pro desktop software, so thought it was a good time to put this up 1) The software does a 2 step index on your urls. 2) the software uses pinging and a mix of meta indexing + pinging 3) you can index all your links not just main domains 4) you can add in keywords 5) you can use the software on as a many machines as you wish. This is exactly the same software that i sell commercially that you get for free.. No opt in just a video of what the software is and how easy it is to use and a download link: Power Indexer Pro Software - http://linkrobotx.net/power-indexer-pro-dld.htm Any questions then just let me know. regards Steve
  6. also upto 65% off seo software backlinking tools here -> http://steve-hawkins.com/black-friday
  7. doc marketing robot is the most reliable for pdf sharing sites..
  8. tested it when it first came out on a new niche site with pretty low comp.. below 70k seot and 30k in title.. posted on average 3-4 article a day to the samuria network.. The rank position itself was pretty poor using over the 2 months of testing for the price.. very few of the links showed up in seo spyglass and market samuria rank tracker.. got to position 29 in the serps but i could have got a lot higher using my own seo software.. so pretty disappointing.. When i cancelled the subscription I got an email off them asking if i would do a case study for them as I was in the top 1% of people who had posted so many articles.. regards Steve
  9. probably seo link robot then scrapebox.. the same way i do
  10. trafficmystic

    hi guys

    HI guys from the uk.. was in terry old forums, so thought i would come along and see how the new one is going.. Looks good
  11. trafficmystic

    Build links to where?

    i would say build your links to individual pages but use targeted keywords and target articles on those pages..
  12. Hi Guys.. Here is a copy of my 'Seo Link Robot - Fast Indexer version 2' Software.. I did a promo video here of the software in action You can download direct via my site here The keys get sent out via email. This is a product I sell for $17 online and sell a number of these a day.. So give me your feedback guys.. Cheers Steve