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  1. TerryKyle

    SEO Hosting

    SAFE SEO Hosting By Terry Kyle: https://cloudboss.pro/
  2. It has a 3-day refund period on it cars so if you try it and don't like it, you can get a full refund within 3 days (would be longer but that refund period gets abused).
  3. TerryKyle

    Godaddy issue

    Traffic Planet Hosting: https://trafficplanethosting.com/
  4. Test how it does with multiple users at loadimpact.com and if the page load times don't blow out like crazy or won't load at all (that normally happens on their cheap accounts) - judge it from there.
  5. This video explains my new SEO software platform: More info here: http://bluechipbacklinks.com/ Questions below thanks.
  6. Yes D agreed, Brian's stuff is always top-notch.
  7. Return traffic holding up well, thanks to (you guessed it) email marketing.
  8. Test updated here: http://blog.emailmarketingacademy.com/authority-blog-test-update-feb-1-2015/
  9. Even if it kills me, I'll be trying. Full details here but I'll add notices when the experiment is updated: http://blog.emailmarketingacademy.com/can-i-build-a-new-authority-blog-in-under-30-days-without-seo/
  10. TerryKyle

    Traffic Planet Hosting Is Really Good

    Thank you John, much appreciated and normally it's the other way around i.e. TP >>> TPH!
  11. Matt is on the Elite Plan here P: https://trafficplanethosting.com/cart/wordpress-hosting/
  12. Hi SW, We have many big high-traffic money sites on TPH - that's what is was built for (not SEO hosting) e.g. http://www.matthewwoodward.co.uk/ http://www.hauntedrooms.com/ http://manformation.com/
  13. Hi P, Traffic Planet is on a dedicated server at the moment but will be on TPH soon - Feb probably. STH has been on TPH for the past year but I'm presently doing some anti-DDOS testing so moved it off for the moment.
  14. Thanks bobt, I'll look into this situation in more detail and advise back.