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    Understanding the Origin of Tag Heuer Watches

    Watches have always been important fashion accessories. This is why so many clothing designers have taken plunges into the world of watch design. Meanwhile, the classic watch designers Tag Heuer, Cartier, Ebel and Concord have simply continued to do what they do best, and thrive in so doing. These companies have built reputations, not on the whims and trends of the fashion world but high-quality engineering, durable parts, and beautiful, elegant design. That is why they remain a vital voice in the fashion world. They are often an integral piece of class and permanence on an otherwise buzzy style.

    Designer watches, including men's watches, are not only elegant but are also considered a status symbol for the rich. Wearing branded watches demand attention and even appreciation for the person wearing it. It forms an elegant accessory, adding glamor and sophistication.

    There are several leading stores that stock different brands of gents and ladies' watches which offer a range to the consumer. Some companies also have online stores which make buying very convenient. Branded watches are refined and noted for its top quality and precision.

    There have been many top watch designers and manufacturers who have seen the success of Tag Heuer watches and tried to emulate it, however not has been as successful. It simply isn't possible to recreate the history and breed of Tag Heuer watches that makes them so desirable. In the mid-1800s a young Swiss watchmaker, Edouard Heur was determined to create a piece based on his passion for precision, quality, and craftsmanship. It has been these values that have seen Tag Heur watches an international reference for prestigious sports watches.

    Tag Heuer was all about innovation and making the most of its historical values when it was founded. This has been true since 1999 where it's innovative, and stylish approach to watch making has seen it become part of a world-renowned group of luxury watchmakers, making it one of the world's largest watchmakers.

    It doesn't matter whether you judge a watch by its use of materials, what technology it is based on or whether you value a watch as a purely aesthetic piece there is little doubt that Tag Heuer has set the standard in so many areas. They were the company who developed the first patent for the chronograph mechanism way back in 1882. Their focus on innovation in technology has continued right through to the modern era with the 1998 Launch of the Kirium Ti5, which was the first chronograph which was capable of measuring 100ths of a second. Tag Heuer is emphatically not just another watch maker, as they are responsible for some of the greatest and most important developments in watchmaking history. They are in no small part responsible for Swiss watches being held in such regard and are a benchmark for watchmakers worldwide.

    For the watch buying novice the price for even an entry level Tag Heuer watch may seem a little steep. However, there is no doubt that it is a very competitive price, considering the competition. And think what you are getting for that money - not only do you have a beautifully crafted stylish watch that will measure time with extreme precision, but you will also own a timeless piece that has all the prestige and breeding that is associated with the Tag Heuer brand.

    It is unsurprising, therefore to see that so many celebrities are lining up to endorse these watches with such big names as Maria Sharapova, Kimi Raikonen, Tiger Woods and Brad Pitt being proud ambassadors of the Tag Heuer brand.

    Tag Heuer has patented many cutting-edge technologies like the chronograph mechanism and the Monaco V4 automatic movement. In the year 2007, Tag Heuer won the "iF" product design award for Monaco caliber 360 LS Concept Chronograph. With many innovations to their name and other great qualities in their products, Tag Heuer watches are truly the epitome of excellence!

    Suitable for the sports you play

    Tag Heuer watches are specifically related to the sporting events that require time management. Are you thinking of buying a Tag Heuer watch to wear during your daily jog or want to wear one of these timepieces at your final basketball match? Perfect choice! Timepieces like that are sure to both grab attention and help you with precise time management. So, the next time you take to the sports arena, wear a Tag Heuer. You can also gift such a great looking watch to a friend who is a sports lover. Remember, it is a prized possession of every sportsperson.

    Buying them cheap

    Because of the state-of-the-art technology that goes into the manufacturing of these Tag Heuer watches, they are priced higher than that of contemporary brands. If you want to get a low-price option for buying them, and yet not compromise on the quality, try out the replicas of the original models. You can find loads of them in the good online stores that sell replicas. The quality of the duplicate watches that you find in the market is quite reliable, as long as you get them from reputed dealers. You also get exact duplication of the original designs. Thus, this assures that you get good quality and great designs at affordable rates.

    Are replicas reliable?

    Yes, proper replicas of the Tag Heuer watcher are reliable and are also considered as good quality watches. You can buy a good replica watch at significantly lower price than the original. So, spending on a replica watch is a good idea. And as a bonus, if you gift an authentic-looking Tag Heuer watch, you will also be appreciated for your taste of style.

    If you are looking to buy one of these watches, then you may be tempted to buy second hand on such sites as eBay. However, you must be very careful as there is a large market for imitation watches, so you need to be certain that you are buying an authentic watch. The most sensible option would be to buy from a certified Tag Heuer dealer as not only would you be certain of buying a genuine watch, but they dealer will be able to advise you on the different models available, and they would also be able to service and repair your watch.