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    All About Patek Philippe

    Watches serve as the ideal accessories for both men and women around the world. They are not only used as a prop to show the time but also as a symbol of fashion and status. Professional men give particular attention to the watch they wear because it is through these watches that people judge their position and status in society.


    Patek Philippe is a known brand in watchmaking that is looked upon to for its classic designs and much more than that - the innovation and technology that goes into creating each of these masterpieces. It is known to create over 53,000 pieces every year. Each of the watches, no matter whether they belong to the same collection, is unique in their designs and make. The designs of the watches are so intricate that they are sometimes referred to as the complicated watch line.


    Many components and processes are required in making a watch. A watch needs to be made from the right materials, use current technology, with a reliable movement. Patek Philippe excels in every department.


    Patek Philippe is probably the only watchmaker that pretty much makes a watch from scratch. Unlike other leading wristwatch manufacturers who sub-contract out various elements to others, Patek does all. First, the firm uses only the best materials. It also employs the world's best artisans to make and design a watch; from jewelers, engineers, engravers, drafters and goldsmiths.


    The brand offers watches that can be categorized into three different groups such as:


    Regular Use Watches


    In this category, you can find leather band watches available in different colors such as brown, black and gray. These watches are appropriate for daily use as they are very durable and comfortable.


    Special Occasion Watches


    These watches are available in metal chains and bracelets such as that of silver and gold.


    Sports Watches


    These include durable and waterproof watches made of plastic. Available in some colors and sizes, they mostly come with helpful sports features such as a stopwatch.


    Versatility of Patek Philippe Watches


    Many people who are real watch enthusiasts own more than one watch. They have watches for big swanky parties, watches for boating on summer afternoons, and of course, watches for everyday wear. But many people who want a nice watch like a Patek Philippe watch want versatility in their watch choice. When you spend the money to get a quality, Patek watches you want to wear it as always as possible.


    To ensure you can wear your new accessory as often as humanly, possible make sure you buy a versatile style of watch. Many types of watches can be worn as part of a tuxedo and even with a pair of jeans without looking out of place; you just need to know what you're looking for.


    Buying a classic looking band will help make the watch more versatile. A standard black leather band goes with almost every outfit. If you often wear items of clothing with which black leather would not exactly match, buy an extra band and wear a brown leather one during those occasions. Black should fit most of your needs, however.


    Many Patek watches come with metal bands. These are perfect for versatility. Buying a stainless steel band will ensure that you have a casual look. Add bands of rose gold to the stainless steel, and it automatically becomes appropriate for night time use as well.


    As for the face, you do not want to go around with a diamond encrusted watch during a boating trip or to the carnival with your friends, family, and kids. However, this does not mean that you'll have to miss out on some great design choices. The range of Patek Philippe watches spans from the very plain to the very ostentatious. Find something that falls somewhere in the middle of these two extremes. Many have classic looking faces with different design styles like a see through a portal that lets you see the gears or even a few stones around the edges. These are perfect for day wear and can easily transition to be worn with your tuxedo or suit for business meetings and gala events.


    Keep these tips in mind when you are shopping around for a watch that is versatile and can go with you wherever you might find yourself during your day. 


    Patek Philippe Watches Buyer's Guide


    Patek Philippe offers the latest and unique styles at high prices. The prices may be high, but the truth is that these watches are matchless when it comes to style and quality. The excellent quality of the watches has made it a status symbol for the elite class members. Here you may know about some of the varieties offered by this company so that it is easy for the buyers to understand the essential characteristics of their vast collection.


    These well-established collections include watches for both the gender.




    These are designed with a unique look. As its name indicates, it looks historical. These elegant watches do not have many embellishments, but they look simply stunning with their great finish.


    Golden Ellipse


    This collection includes a high range of rectangular watches. These are adorned with golden and other striking colors. The dials are large and prominent.




    This collection includes some shapes such as tonneau and trapezium. They are simple, yet elegant.




    These are designed for sportspeople; they are available in some designs. They are edgy and waterproof.




    They are fit for both casual and formal use, these watches are available in metal such as silver and gold. The dials are shaped in different ways, and the numerals include various styles.


    All watches manufactured by Patek Philippe are exclusive timepieces, and the firm may trace every piece it has ever made. Patek Philippe's attention to detail indicates that it takes a long to produce each watch. The process starts with two to four years of development and research. Production of a Patek Philippe watch needs a minimum of nine months with more complicated watches taking up to even two years. The firm spends another six weeks to three months testing each model before it's available for sale.


    Patek Philippe watches are known to be the best wristwatches ever made. Owning a Patek watch means having something of exquisite beauty with advanced technology and crafted with minute attention to detail.