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    What You Need To Know About GIA Certified Diamonds

    Confidence shall support you in that dream proposal you intend to make or in wearing an authentic gem. To ensure you have this confidence, make sure that the loose diamond you have chosen is GIA certified. A GIA certified loose diamond is a gem that passed through the evaluation of an expert gemmologist in the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA). This is a reputable and reliable laboratory that conducts gem evaluation. It has set the standards for documenting diamond quality worldwide. It issues reports for most of the high quality diamonds more than one carat size. It uses the Diamond Grading System which it also developed.

    The GIA certificate indicates details and characteristics of the loose diamond which may not be visible to the naked eye. A 10x magnifier is used to look for inclusions and blemishes. This certificate provides the assurance of the quality and authenticity of the stone. It also specifies the stone is worth the amount you have paid for. You may be an inexperienced buyer of diamonds; however the GIA certificate helps in providing an objective comparison. The stamp of genuineness shall indicate a fair price specially when reselling the stone.

    To further ensure that this stamp of approval is original, the GIA certificate contains the following information.

    - Initial information includes the date when the assessment was made and GIA report number.

    - Upon your request, a micro laser inscribes the laser inscription registry with its unique GIA report number.

    - Symmetry, shape and cutting style are identified. Symmetry is the diamond's outline and shape exactness, placement and alignment of facets. Shape shows the outline of the diamond and cutting style specifies the pattern of facet arrangement. The dimensions or measurement are also written. For round diamonds, the dimensions consist of minimum to maximum x depth. For fancy shaped diamonds like princess, oval, marquise, pear, heart, emerald, radiant, cushion and asscher, the dimensions take account of length x width x depth. The cut grading, which is also mentioned, ranges from fair to excellent.

    - The weight of the diamond is expressed in carats. This is different for karats used in gold.

    - The color grades contain the scale D to Z. D to F grades means that the diamond is colorless. The G to I grades mean that the stone is near colorless. J to L grades is in the color faint yellow or faint brown. Meanwhile, the L to Z grades means that the gem is light yellow.

    - Clarity grade and characteristics assess the internal and external characteristics of the diamond. It examines inclusions and blemishes visible or present.

    - The smoothness and overall condition of the diamond's surface shows its polish information.

    - When the diamond is seen under long-wave ultra violet light, the stone's fluorescence is shown in the strength and color of the diamond.

    - The certificate also bears the GIA color and Clarity Scales, the Proportion Diagram, and additional identifying features or characteristics not included in the above information.

    - For security purposes, GIA includes a hologram, security screen and microprint lines to ensure integrity.

    Why It Is Important to Buy GIA Certified Diamonds

    If you ask anyone around, they will tell you the most important event in their lives is when they got engaged. Thus, it is essential to get an engagement ring that is special and worth the occasion. Moreover, if you really want to get a superior quality diamond cut and save money at the same time then getting GIA certified diamonds from a wholesale company rather than buying a complete ring from a retailer is the best way. But, it does come with its risks. Some people turn to devious dealers to get a cheap diamond ring and this often ends up costing them much more than they anticipated. You wouldn't want to ruin an emotional and special event by turn to unscrupulous dealers to get an engagement ring.

    If you want to avoid being swindled then it is better to buy your diamond ring from a dealer who is GIA certified. GIA is short for Gemological Institute of America which is one of the world's leading authorities of diamonds. The sole purpose of GIA is to protect buyers from buying fake gemstones and ensure that they always get genuine ones.

    Whenever gemstones enter the market, the institute grades them and identifies their real value. Actually, GIA comes up with procedures to determine what the gemstones are really worth. They are also there to give buyers confidence of buying gemstones knowing that they are not being ripped off.

    Reputable wholesale companies get in touch with GIA and let them check out their precious gemstones and certify them if they are genuine. It is quite important to ensure you get GIA certified diamonds since there are dealers out there who would sell you gemstones that have been produced by industrial processes yet they look almost genuine. Moreover, there has never been a more important moment to ensure you get GIA certified diamonds since many are making artificial ones and gemstones produced from natural processes are becoming rare.

    People who wish to get genuine diamonds should get in touch with reputable wholesale companies that sell heart shaped loose Diamonds which offer a good value for your money. Unless you want to lose your money to unscrupulous dealers out there, you should always check your diamond is GIA certified so that your partner is happy to put that valuable engagement ring on their finger. This could symbolize the start of a happy life together.

    In conclusion, if you are ever looking for a good deal when you want to purchase GIA certified loose diamonds, you should try and consider buying diamonds online. When you purchase diamonds on the internet there is so much that you will be able to benefit from. First of all, there is a lot of information that is available on the internet about the diamonds that you want to purchase and many others. Because of this you can rest assured that there is so much that you will be able to benefit from the diamonds and as a result you can go ahead and purchase your diamonds with pride and with an assurance that there is so much in store for you.