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    Diamond Tennis Bracelet - Makes You Feel Like a Star


    A tennis bracelet is an elegant and timeless type of jewellery that consists of some gemstones such as diamonds that are connected by a chain and worn around the wrist. The origins and development of this bracelet to the popular fashion accessory we see today is a unique and exciting story.


    Origins of the Tennis Bracelet


    It was an event at the 1987 US Open that spurred the fashion trend that exists today. While celebrated tennis star Chris Evert was playing in the U.S. Open, she was wearing a bracelet that consisted of a string of diamonds. During the tennis match, it broke and fell to the ground. Tennis officials temporarily halted the game so that she could find it. From that point on, this stylish fashion accessory was dubbed the 'tennis bracelet', and it became a worldwide fashion trend with other sports stars wearing them as well as Hollywood celebrities. Today, you can find people wearing this stylish jewellery for all sorts of occasions.


    Evolution of the Tennis Bracelet


    These bracelets were composed of a single row of stones such as diamonds. These fashion accessories move as the wearer moves and there is a safety latch in case the clap breaks. Over the years these stunning fashion accessories have been created to include a wide assortment of different styles.


    Not only can you purchase this classic bracelet, but there are also different types that include varying colours. For instance, there are pieces made of platinum, silver, and gold that includes yellow, rose, and white. There are even pieces that consist of different stones such diamonds, emeralds, amethysts, cubic zirconia, and more. The price of a bracelet will depend on the quality of the gemstones. Cubic zirconia is a more affordable option if one is on a tight budget. They also vary in size, including the size of the gemstone. It is important to get one that is not too tight or too loose. You do not want it to fall off, and you also want it to be comfortable.


    Today's Fashion Trend


    Tennis bracelets are so popular because they can be worn in any social situation. They are elegant and sophisticated and make a great fashion accessory for any outfit. Today, the internet has become an excellent resource for finding quality tennis bracelets at greatly discounted prices. Whether it is a gift for a special person in your life or you just want to treat yourself to an exquisite fashion accessory, tennis bracelets are an excellent choice.


    Shopping for the best diamond tennis bracelet that best suits you can be very overwhelming, especially if you do not have any clue on how to go about with the hunting. When you're searching for the right designer diamond tennis bracelet piece, you need to learn and be aware of the do's and don'ts. It is only when you have gathered enough information that you will finally enjoy the experience of shopping for your diamond tennis bracelet.


    One of the important things you need to do when you're shopping for a diamond tennis bracelet is to find out more about the quality of any jewellery pieces you want to buy. Also, find out where the best places are to start your search.


    The Four Cs to Watch Out For


    To properly evaluate a diamond jewellery piece, like a diamond tennis bracelet, for instance, it is necessary that you know what to look for. You need to be aware of the four Cs. These four Cs are the diamond's cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. These are the factors that significantly affect the valuation of the diamond.>


    These four Cs are equally important. You need to spend some time in checking the diamond up close, but this will be easier if you have basic knowledge on how to evaluate diamonds. You can also always ask the jeweller to evaluate the piece for you and ask for a certificate of authenticity. This will help you rule out the possibility of the diamond being an imitation or being a cubic zirconia, for instance.


    Cleaning and maintenance


    If the bracelet is made up of just diamonds, cleaning is a snap. Diamonds are the hardest gemstone with a rank of 10 on the Mohs scale, so it can be soaked in cleaner, steamed and agitated in an ultrasonic machine. A toothbrush can also be used to clean under the setting.


    However, if it is made up of diamonds and some other gemstone, the hardness of that stone must be taken into account. Unless it is an opal or pearl, a soak in warm water with a mild soap should be sufficient. But, for softer stones like those, a wipe down with a damp cloth is the best way to clean them.


    To avoid Chris Evert's circumstance, have a safety chain added to the bracelet before it leaves the store. Also, make sure the clasp is a good one and that it is tight. The most common clasp for a diamond tennis bracelet is a box clasp which is virtually hidden, so it doesn't affect the beauty of the diamonds.


    Another safety measures to protect what can be a very expensive investment as well as a sentimental gift. The prong tips should be checked regularly for wear and should be re-tipped periodically. The prongs themselves checked for tightness. For bezel settings, make sure the stone does not become loose. It is more difficult to detect a setting problem since there are no prongs to show damage.


    Have the piece appraised by a GIA certified appraiser so that it can be insured. Typically homeowner's policies have a rider for personal property, or a specific one can be taken out on jewellery. Again, a diamond tennis bracelet can be very expensive, and insurance is a great precaution against theft or loss. While it can't bring back the wonderful memories of the day you got it, new ones can be made with the replacement piece. Either way, at least thousands of dollars did not just go up in smoke.


    Many women aspire to own a diamond tennis bracelet and receiving one is like winning the lottery. It's a moment she will remember forever, which is how long it lasts-diamonds are forever.