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    All About Rolex Daytona

    The Rolex Daytona is an iconic watch introduced long time back. It was created for the requirements of race-car drivers in the 24 Hours of Daytona race, from which it gets its name. Rolex was a sponsor of the race, and it gave them an opportunity to create something unique at once.

    This Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph watch is self-winding and water resistant to 100 meters. It is also a chronograph. Chronographs are watches with both timekeeping and stopwatch functions. Due to the Daytona's heritage, the stopwatch function has been designed to accurately measure lap times and average speeds, using the tachymetric scale engraved on the bezel.

    This is a beautifully engineered watch that is made to meet the standards not only for the manufacturer but also the independent body, COSC. They check the accuracy of a watch using internationally agreed methods and then issue a certificate to the manufacturer on successful completion.

    The watch is available in either steel or gold. The choices of gold include white, yellow and rose, and it's also possible to buy a model made of steel and gold. Depending on the model, there is a choice of leather strap or bracelet and each model is offered with two different dial colors. The counters on the dial face are always in contrasting colors to the main dial, for example, white counters on a black dial. This allows them to be seen in low light.

    It's important that buyers are aware that there are many replicas on the market. It's always advisable to buy from an authorized dealer, especially as this is the only way to get a factory warranty and you can be sure that the watch is genuine.

    If you choose to buy from a shop or trader that is not an authorized dealer, you need to be careful of imitations. You should consider the following tips, which will help you to authenticate any watches you are offered. The very first thing to do is to see a good example. This will give you a reference. Look closely at the watch and ask the shop assistant questions. If you decide you would like to buy elsewhere, then at least you have had an up-close look at the watch, which should help you spot a fake, should one be offered to you.

    There are two numbers that Rolex stamp onto each watch: the serial and case numbers. These are the best ways of identifying the watch as the manufacturer can check their records and authenticate for you. They are stamped at the 12 O'clock position, at the point where the watch strap meets the watch. There are also some practical things to check out. Replicas tend to be cheaply made, so the second-hand ticks as it moves around the dial, whereas the Daytona's is silent. Another thing to look out for is the hidden clasp with the Rolex crown on the bracelet, as most replicas don't have that detail.

    The internet is a place where people look for bargains, but Rolex do not sell watches online, so new and genuine examples found there are most probably imports. You should also consider that when buying online you can't usually examine the watch before parting with your money, so none of the tips to check on authenticity can be used.

    Why the Daytona Rolex Sports Model is hugely popular, fashionable, and functional:

    1. The Initial Scarcity of the Model - The Rolex Daytona was introduced in a very limited production run inspired by their sponsorship of the Daytona 24-hour auto race in Daytona Beach. The need for a wristwatch with a built-in stopwatch for time trials dovetailed very nicely with Rolex's need for a new marketing strategy, and thus a legend was born. However, the model didn't take off in popularity until it became a must-have for Italian watch collectors in the early to mid years later. Other collectors noted the trend, and it became sellers? A market where few prices were deemed too astronomical for authentic Daytona.

    2. Style - Style is very much in the eye of the beholder, but the clean simplicity, distinctive triple sub-dials, and bold, masculine design of the Daytona are inarguably part of the model's enduring allure and popularity. The adjustable bezel features logical graduations for tracking units per hour, and the dial comes in a variety of striking configurations with an exotic cream-colored dial with black registers.

    3. Functionality - Above all other considerations, it was the need for functionality that inspired designers to introduce the Rolex Daytona. Of course, it had to be pleasing to the eye, but the Rolex name epitomizes practicality and the need for the form to follow function. In addition to the true stopwatch capabilities, the Daytona also introduced features like the screw-down pushers and crowns to ensure that a measurement was not accidentally reset by an inadvertent bump. Other innovations included dealers that were waterproofed with rubber O-rings, and waterproofing was increased to a depth of 100 meters.

    Although Rolex introduced new Daytona models, these Rolexes continue to be highly prized by collectors and other Rolex aficionados for the reasons listed above and probably much more. Which of these attributes is most important relies heavily on the owner and their motivations for wanting one, but if there is one constant thread that connects them all, it would be the pride of wearing a Rolex and the joy of owning a legendary Rolex Daytona.

    You should then have to consider the type of Rolex Daytona watches accessible on today's market and do some research to realize what options might be best suited to all your wishes. It can be quite simple to obtain what you are looking for when you hit the world wide web and also have a good browse around.

    Assuming you have a good shop around via the internet, you might realize that there are plenty of possibilities. Have an excellent shop and perform some lookups online to check out what pops up. You will probably be surprised at the amount of choice for an original hassle-free purchase.