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    Omega Seamaster Watches

    For many years Omega Seamaster watches have continued to grow in popularity all around the world. There are several well-known manufacturers that produce timepieces of exceptional quality, and these are one of those. They are renowned for selling products that incorporate great workmanship with reliability and style.

    One reason you fall in love with the Sea Master Professional chronometer is its ceramic bezel insert - an enhancement over the previous designs - and a plain, lacquered dial - which is also another enhancement. The whole package just turned pleasantly heftier than before, garnering more prestige as an astonishingly classic dive watch. The subtle and deep blue is far from being bright or distracting and is a comfortable choice for almost everywhere.

    Visibility is top-notch and with Omega, you really don't need to mention it. It becomes possible due to the domed, anti-reflective sapphire crystal (invisible due to the applied ARC) covering the lacquered dial resembling a sea of liquid blue. The darker window blends seamlessly with the rest of the dial. Turn the watch over and the trademark Omega Dragon shows engraved on the case back.

    Behind all that aesthetic excellence is the movement ticking the passage of time. The Omega-modified ETA2892 - what it lovingly calls the Calibre 2500 - is a certified chronometer movement using the co-axial escapement technology. It gives out 7 beats per second, so 25,200 bph per hour - the midway between low and high beat movements. Going a beat lower every second is 3600 beats less per hour or 86400 beats lesser per day, which reduces wear and tear of the movement's components (and therefore, maintenance intervals) greatly while lacking nothing in accuracy.

    The timepieces are recognized by people all over the world, and this is largely due to the reputation of the manufacturer. They are known for the attention to detail on their products along with the desirable design features. Things like a liquid metal trim finish and the use of scratch resistant metal helps to make these an attractive option for those looking for a good watch.

    This collections popularity can be largely attributed to its high-profile endorsements from various celebrities. It is also the preferred wrist wear for the famous fictional character called James Bond. This is shown in the latest movies featuring 007 and this coupled with celebrities in poster and television adverts has certainly gone a long way to getting the brand recognized.

    The collection is targeted at people who want to use them in water. The name suggests that they will be effective at sea and with a water-resistant level of 300 meters this is certainly true.

    Although the name suggests that these timepieces are only for using at sea and in the swimming pool, they are just as comfortable on land. Many people who own one have never taken it near water, but they appreciate the stylish looks and the prestige that comes with wearing one of these.

    Reviews of the Omega Seamaster watches are usually very good, and this appears to be the type of reputation that the manufacturers have strived to achieve and maintain over the years. The fact that they are endorsed by so many famous and important people speaks volumes for this collection.

    Omega is breaking through the depths of the water with the Omega Seamaster 300M Chrono Dive and 300 M Chronometer. These magnificent water resistant watches will resist water of up to 300-meter depth.

    A cute window displays the day of the month in the 3 o'clock or 6 o'clock place of the Omega Seamaster 300 M Chrono Dive dial. Besides its function of telling the hour, minutes and seconds, it is designed to measure short time periods with the inclusion of a Chronograph. In the tube of the case, a screw-in-crown or a self-locking crown is screwed in. For the benefit of people who work with pressure chambers or who goes under the water for a long time, a Helium Escape Valve is featured to let helium escape of the watch.

    The Seamaster 300M Chrono Dive is designed with a unidirectional rotating bezel to ensure your safety should you choose to dive under waters. With this technique, there is no room for any accidental turning of the bezel in the wrong direction as this could cause miscalculation on your part on time spent underwater. A sub dial measuring seconds is featured as well on the Omega Seamaster 300M Chrono Dive.

    Omega has as well released timepieces dubbed as the Omega Seamaster 300 M Chronometer. On its dial, you would find a window that displays the day of the month. With our busy schedules, we can forget sometimes. The Unidirectional rotating bezel and the screw-in-crown features found in the Omega 300M Chrono Dive are as well found on this Omega watch.

    Take the plunge of up to 300 meters deep of water with your Omega Seamaster 300M Chronometer. This is powered by a self-winding chronometer and a Co-Axial Escapement movement. It has a power reserve of up to forty-eight hours.

    A domed anti-reflective and scratch- resistant sapphire crystal is used in the steel case of the Seamaster 300M Chronometer. Watches from this line can be seen having blue or black dials. These watches will give you that aura of charm and class just like our favorite movie spy Bond, James Bond.

    Omega has gone to the moon, awed many movie goers and accompanied many in the depths of the sea through the precise time telling of their brilliant timepieces. In 1937 Omega released the first water proof watches, once again proving that anything is possible. In 1948 the Seamaster series was realized and launched.

    The Omega Seamaster series has been giving us accurate time for more than six decades. All through the years, Omega Seamaster watches has maintained its elegance and excellence. It has reached a new era of modern technology but remained true to its classic origin. Even with the newer generation, the Omega Seamaster retained its legacy and gained the support and gained more patrons in the new world.

    The COSC or Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometer which is the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute in Switzerland has tested and certified the precision and accuracy of the Omega Seamaster 300M Chrono Dive and 300M Chronometer. This means that both of these lines carry the symbol of only the finest watches can have which is the Chronometer accolade.

    Of course, they are not only suited to those that spend a lot of time in the water. These timepieces are just as desirable to those that want to stay on dry land. The stylish design means that many people choose to wear them as a fashionable item to match their own style.