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    Jaeger LeCoultre - Timeless Timepieces

    Jaeger LeCoultre is one of the biggest names in the watchmaking industry. It has truly earned its place at the very top of the finest watchmakers the world knows, as it consistently produces superior quality watches and clocks. This comes as no surprise considering the fact that the firm has existed for centuries, and that its founder is one of the most renowned watchmakers of all time. The company is based in Switzerland, at a place known as Le Sentier. Take a walk down memory road and learn more about this world famous watchmaking company.

    Tiny Beginnings
    The name LeCoultre can be traced way back to the 16th century. A certain Pierre LeCoultre, who is the first person to be affiliated with this watchmaking company, fled his native France to Geneva to escape from religious persecution. He stayed in Geneva for about a year before moving on to the Vallee de Joux. By 1612, a community had already formed in this Valley, thanks to the influence of Pierre and his family. In fact, his son even built a church for the community. From there grew the would- be- famous village of Le Sentier, which until this day remains the Jaeger LeCoultre manufacture.

    However, it wasn’t until the earlier part of the 19th century that watch making became synonymous with this village. In 1833, Antoine LeCoultre, who is considered to be the founder of this company, started making watches. At the time, watch making was still a rather novel activity, and Antoine contributed monumentally to the growth of this scientific art. He was the first person to ever make a keyless watch, and he also made the most precise time- pieces of his time. He truly was a master hand in as far as any form of watch making was concerned. So important was his contribution to watch making that he was the first ever recipient of gold medal. The award was given as a recognition for his remarkable work in watch precision as well as mechanization. The award took place at the Universal Exhibition in the United Kingdom.

    From there, the family business began to grow by leaps and bounds. At some point, it employed up to 500 employees, which was no mean achievement at the time. It continually set the standard for other watch makers. Up to 1903, the company was known as the LeCoultre &Cie. In this year, however, another reputable watchmaker by the name of Edward Jaeger posed a challenge to LeCoultre to design a watch with ultrathin movements, which Jaeger had already done. This eventually led to the merging of the two companies, and thus the Jaeger LeCoultre Company was born.

    Jaeger LeCoultre Watches
    Jaeger LeCoultre has made countless inventions and calibres in watchmaking. Some of their most remarkable and stunning timepieces include the following:
    1. The Atmos Clock
    This clock is one of near- perpetual movement. It requires nearly no human intervention or energy to run. It uses energy obtained from small environmental pressure and temperature changes. A 10 Celsius temperature fluctuation can keep the clock ticking for a solid two days, so you can imagine the length of time this clock will keep working correctly. The precision of this clock is also not compromised in any way. It is in fact way more accurate than the average clock. It has been estimated that it will take a staggering 3821 years for this clock accumulate a one day discrepancy. Nothing spells accuracy better. So precious and invaluable is this clock that the Swiss government has made it its signature gift to important state guests.

    2. Duoplan
    This watch is proof of how relentless and determined Jaeger LeCoultre is in satisfying the needs of its customers. It was invented at a period when petite watches were the in thing. The problem with small watches was the fact that they were less than reliable, and that they tended to be imprecise. To solve the problem, Jaeger LeCoultre came up with a small watch that was both exceptionally precise and miniature as well. This is the story behind the name Duoplan. Duoplan was a watch of many firsts, as it was among the first gem set steel watches in addition to being the first watch to have the glass replaced with sapphire crystals.

    3. Reverso
    It is difficult to talk about Jaeger LeCoultre without mentioning this timeless timepiece. Reverso is Latin for I turn around, and the watch is so named as it is one of the few watches that can actually flip around and do it correctly. It was purposely made for polo players. It has a very strong metallic case which protects the glass, thus ensuring that the watch remains safe during the game. This watch is a classic as any ardent watch lover will tell you.

    4. Memovax
    This name is a combination of two words, memoria and vox, which mean the voice of memory. It is an alarm watch that was invented in 1950, although it has been greatly improved since then. The mechanism can be used to set reminders for appointments, timetables, or even for waking you up.

    Why should you buy Jaeger LeCoultre Time Pieces?
    1. Superior Quality
    One thing that sets Jaeger LeCoultre apart from most other watch makers is the fact that most their products are in built. Everything from the movement to the hands and even to the dials is manufactured in house, and that gives this company exclusive control over the quality of the watches. That is explains the mystery behind the superiority in quality of these timepieces.

    2. Credibility
    If you wear a watch as a fashion statement, then these luxury watches will certainly not disappoint you. But even better than the appearance is the fact that the precision and accuracy of these watches is unrivalled, so you get a watch that is both impressive and functional all at once. There are so many designs of watches to choose from- from flamboyant and attention grabbing makes to simpler and elegant designs. You are really spoilt for choice.

    3. Affordability
    You would be hard put to find high quality luxury watches that are as fairly priced as Jaeger LeCoultre watches. These very competitively priced are also some of the most unique watches, and they simply cannot be replicated. They truly are worth every single penny you spend on them.