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    Chopard Watches

    The Chopard brand is a company of luxury watches more than a century old. It was founded in the year 1860 by a Swiss watch-maker known as Louis-Ulysse Chopard. He was twenty-four at the time of this invention. The company’s original products were ladies and pocket watches, but over time, it has expanded to various types of wristwatches, pocket watches as well as jewelry. The headquarters of Chopard is in Geneva, and its watch movement manufacturing site is in Fleurier, in the canton of Neuchatel Switzerland.

    History of Chopard Watches

    Louis-Ulysse Chopard, who was a Swiss watch-maker, decided that instead of marketing just the watch-movements, it would be easier and more profitable if he just marketed the whole watch. Hence, he decided to found the LUC watch company. The watches were marketed all over Europe at that time and he ran this company successfully until his death in 1915.

    Upon Louis-Ulysse’s death, the Chopard watch company was inherited by his son, Paul-Louis and his grandson, Paul-André. From these two, his son and grandson, the company became more specialized in wrist watch manufacturing and pocket watch manufacturing.

    Paul-André Chopard, Louis-Ulysse grandson, having no child willing to succeed the Chopard business, decided to sell it to a German watchmaker who was also a goldsmith. Mr. Karl Scheufele III, who needed a watch movement specific and exclusive to himself, bought the Chopard watch business. From then (1963) henceforth, the Chopard watch business has remained in the Scheufele family.

    Chopard watches make and designs

    In 1860, the Chopard watch company was begun with the ladies in mind. Most, if not all of its wrist watches, were designed for ladies. The female wrist watch theme has not lost its meaning over the years, because as much as there are plenty of categories of watches, the female wrist watches are the star of the show. This is not to say that Chopard does not manufacture manly or gender-neutral watches, because it does, in plenty, and in great designs!

    The brand Chopard has plenty of great model watches. Some of these watches are priceless, while others have an incomparable beauty! Most contain both class and incredible beauty. Despite having all these great watches to its name, Chopard has the belle of the ball. 1976 Happy Diamond watch is the icing on this cake, and has been since its creation. It is a rare cult classic, highly sort after vintage form with a unique design. The Happy Diamond watch has mobile diamonds that have the appearance of freely spinning around surrounded by two sapphire crystals which are also transparent. It is indeed a magical piece!

    Distinctive features of Chopard Watches

    This brand of watches has distinctive features which have distinguished it over the years. They claim remarkable craftsmanship which is coupled by unparalleled elegance. Its superior distinctive design and features ensure that you get value for your money.

    The watches have undeniable quality with a blend of both tradition and modernity, enabling them to have a certain innovativeness and creativity to them that is not easily found in watches today. Most of the pieces are timeless, powerful, exquisite, yet gentle and alluring.

    Chopard watches reviews

    High end, shiny luxuriant watches have had a good market for a long time. Despite the fact that Chopard watches have sold all around the world, most of them have had their market within the Asian community.

    The L.U.C men’s collection has been described as having a delicate combination of fine watch-making and authentic automobile mechanics. It also comes with a nice, and smooth finishing, coupled with a manly sophistication. Chopard brand has been associated with automobiles for a long time. For this reason, most men’s timepieces are especially given the automobile designs. One such design is the superfast designs, adopted from the classic racing automobiles. It is one of the best in the men’s timepieces, with a trio which does not quit. The trio contains these pieces: the automatic, the chrono and the power control.

    To be successful with the purchase of a Chopard watch, ensure that you buy only from certified retailers. This will ensure that you get the best out of your time piece and avoid unnecessary disappointments with replicas. Genuine L.U.C pieces are a timeless investment, which you shall not regret purchasing.

    Most Chopard watch wearers have stated that these watches have minimal complications, if any. They keep good timing and dates. Some have even gone ahead to purchase more than one timepiece from this brand. They have stated that the designs are creative, as well as attractive. Some have stated that the designs are well detailed and crafted and hence are priceless to them.

    People who have bought these watch brands and have encountered problems have stated that their customer services are impeccable. Their response time is great and they work on the problem in record time. One has been quoted saying, “their actions are louder than words, and will convince other buyers to consider purchasing this watch”.

    In Conclusion

    The Chopard brand has grown to be an independent brand over the years. Currently it can claim, without any fear or favor to be one of the few independently owned Watch Company in the market; it being owned by the Scheufele family for years.

    Other forms of jewelry, fashionable accessories and collections are also manufactured by this company, including rings (and engagement rings), writing instruments (pens, notebooks), bags, perfumes, cufflinks, to name but a few. The brand is set out to continue establishing itself and eventually become one of the leading fashion brands in the market. Considering all that Chopard has already done, it is safe to say that it is well on its way to this incredible vision.

    It is important for anyone intending to purchase a Chopard watch, accessory or jewelry consider going to the certified stores around the globe. They can also buy these items online via the Chopard website. It is currently the only online platform where one can buy genuine Chopard items. If you do not yet have a Chopard timepiece, you now have a good reason to order your timeless piece - be it limited edition, Happy diamond edition or automobile edition. Everyone’s needs are well catered to.