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    If you are asking how do these guys get their backlinks, then it is likely they have developed relationships throughout their careers. What you can do. 1) You can go to places like fiverr and you will find writers who have guest accounts to blogs with high authority. You can pay them to write articles on those blogs and link back to your site. 2) You can try and find blogs that accept guest posts. For example if your site is on technology, you can search on Google "tech blogs "write for us". You will notice the results will show some blogs that accept people to write for them and in return you can add a link to your site or your client sites... please note, usually you are expected to write some decent content and your link has to point to some decent sites. The final thing I would say is that if you want to point quality links to your site, you need to make sure the place you are adding the links is: a) Related to your niche (relevance) Has decent traffic (if the site only has like 1-2 visitors a day, then the link will probably not do much to power your site)