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    I have tried many free tools but they are not showing the actual metrics. As i have got various data showing form particular tools. That is confusing. Please recommend some Free tools that would work correctly.
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    seo review tools small seo tools semrush ahrefs
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    i think this all are the top back link checker tools,i am using google search console and SEMrush. Top 10 Backlink Checker Tools 1. Majestic SEO 2. Ahrefs 3. Open Site Explorer 4. Google Search Console 5. SEMrush 6. Backlink Watch 7. Rank Signals 8. Open Link Profiler 9. Buzz Sumo 10. Kerboo
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    I think most SEOs would say that Ahrefs and SEMRush are one of the best tools out there. However, like everything good, these tools do cost quite a bit (subscription). Having said that one tool that is free and not too bad (though it has ads everywhere and it not the prettiest) is backlinkwatch.com