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  2. neal patel

    Hide Keywords from Spy Tools?

    agreed with kingsleytailors! and you can't stop automated tools as they are more advanced and can do almost anything. That is the reason people use tools more.
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  5. Hi guys, I just want to find out how I can get cheap paid traffic that converts and also good quality backlinks for my website. Will appreciate good sources known to you guys. Thanks.
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  7. Not provided a link yet!
  8. neal patel

    How to utilise Social Media to get leads?

    We use FB & Insta for remarketing our products and it gives us good leads. Being a Digital marketing agency, you should know how to generate leads from social media but you are asking us.
  9. neal patel

    Top Ranking Factors

    Agreed with Webrockers. On page should be optimized properly before you start off-page SEO.
  10. So what is the status OP? Disavowed toxic links or not?
  11. neal patel

    Need Automotive Links!

    Still the offer is on?
  12. I've been playing with the idea of implementing a cashback system in my online shop. I believe it'd be a nice incentive for customers to buy more (and more often) from me, but one thing is theory and another thing are results. Has any of you implemented it with success? Would you recommend it? If so, how did you implement it (any system/plugin/add-on you would recommend? It'd also be a good idea to partner up with cashback websites like RebateMango, but for now, as the small brand that I am, I think it is not entirely possible, although it could be worth a shot. Nonetheless, I want to apply it internally first before going to new heights. Thank you all!
  13. We at SE Ranking are running a special discount. Until the 30th of November, you can get a whopping 30% discount on all SE Ranking subscription plans, giving you enough time to try our tools for free and choose a plan that meets your business needs best. All you have to do to make use of the offer is enter the following promo code BLACKFRIDAY2018 at checkout.
  14. neal patel

    Newbie SEO Glossary

    I think this thread is too old. OP should update it if something new is missing!
  15. neal patel

    How To Get Lower CPC on Facebook Ads!

    Great post! I will surely share my views if I do paid campaign for my site.
  16. neal patel

    Can we use links in our article content?

    yes, you can if the site where you are posting article is allowing the links in the body text. most of the sites don't allow links in the body text.
  17. Anyway to replicate this from a main website description...what does the facebook post/photo have tagged or whatever that is bringing this up like this turkey pic?
  18. neal patel

    Adult Related backlinks

    No idea about adult domains. You can google and will get articles on that.
  19. neal patel

    Which social medias are better for business?

    online store of what? and Facebook and Instagram are mostly preferred by everyone to promote their business online.
  20. neal patel

    High PR Social Bookmarking Lists

    can anybody have the latest working sites? please share some
  21. NO Reserve! Bid now! https://flippa.com/9981476-massivebitcoins-com
  22. Hello All, I wanted to ask how can we utilize social media like FB, Twitter and linked in to get leads for a Digital Marketing Agency?
  23. I have High Quality my own websites, Please email me; anaelangel786@gmail.com
  24. I have a few Google News approved domains (US, UK, India, France, Italy, and other countries). If you will be interesting this offer write me a pm or bellow the line. Write me which countries and languages you are interested in and maybe I can offer you something interesting. Payment through Escrow. For example: 1. ********.com - 10 letters / Country: US / Language: Eng / Theme: General 2. Sold. 3. Sold. 4. Sold. 5. Sold. 6. ******status.com - 19 letters / Country: US / Language: Eng / Theme: Law/Legal 7. ****.de - 8 letters / Country: Germany / Language: German / Theme: Finance/Politics 8. ******.com - 15 letters / Country: US / Language: Eng / Theme: General 9. Sold. 10. *******press.com - 25 letters / Country: US / Language: Eng / Theme: General 11. Sold. 12. Sold. 13. *******.com - 10 letters / Country: US / Language: Eng / Theme: General 14. *******gamers.net - 12 letters / Country: Italy / Language: It / Theme: Games 15. *****cars.co.uk - 7 letters / Country: UK / Language: Eng / Theme: Cars 16. ****help.cc - 7 letters / Country: Austria / Language: German / Theme: General/Education 17. *******-bericht.de - 16 letters / Country: Germany / Language: German / Theme: Finance ----------------------------- This list will be updated. Email: phillypurge-at-gmail.com
  25. Hello All, Recently I start a little business in the field of online store and I need to introduce my business to virtual networks and bring traffic to the site. For this reason, I want to know which one of the social networking sites on the Internet has a greater impact on site traffic and branding? What kind of content is better for the online store? And get more subscriptions?
  26. neal patel

    crowdsearch.me still working in 2018?

    Heard the term "crowdsearch.me" for the first time. share some source from where I can know more about this.
  27. neal patel

    how to index links on google?

    Google bots automatically crawl the links daily. And will you please explain your question in more detail?
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