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  4. Yes, your fan page or post.... look nice! Except that, nothing. They won't buy your service.
  5. neal patel

    How to bring traffic to your new website?

    Really great tips! keep sharing such. Good day
  6. neal patel

    Best source of traffic

    what is your niche? Mine is Automobile!
  7. Earlier
  8. googlealchemist

    How to get phone number showing up in organic serps?

    Still trying to figure this out if anyone has the answer...did a fresh search recently and seeing competitors having it show up, in the organic section under their sites. While we don't have it
  9. Referral traffic is used to describe visitors to your site that come from direct links on other websites rather than directly or from searches. For example, other sites that like what you have to say or sell may post a link recommending your site. You can also try to drive your own referral traffic by leaving links on other blogs or forums you have joined. Pay per click ads also count as referral traffic.
  10. hey, It will be great if you explain it in detail. I also want to target 4-5 keywords in local but unable to do so! your efforts will be appreciated.
  11. neal patel

    What Is High Quality Backlink?

    I tried it but get no response to my emails! Broken link building is not working I think!
  12. neal patel

    Is Adding Business to Wikipedia Reasonable Request?

    I want to do the same but my TL told me that he tried it but after few days google delete the page when he added links.! Can you provide the wiki-links of your competitor which are on wiki? maybe we can get something from their page!
  13. Heard of SERP’s special features? Check SE Ranking detailed guide about 16 Google SERP features why and how to track them as well as how to get there. Must read!
  14. zphanjakidze

    WTB Blackhatworld account

    still looking the account, someone is selling it?
  15. I hope you are clear now about your doubt. The final answer is that it doesn't affect the SEO. now you can close this thread!
  16. neal patel

    Back Link Exchange Here

    Sorry, but we don't believe in link exchange.!
  17. How important do you think it is? Not many talk about this point in specific, but I believe that it is very important. Even though I don't own a big online shop, I feel that since I started answering faster to my customers' questions and problems, I see more sales and overall, many of them are inclined to leave a positive review without me asking them to do so. Now, thing is that I'm looking forward to leveling up my game, because as my store is growing, so are my customers' inquiries through different channels (email, FB, Twitter, etc.). I already have someone taking care of the live chat, but the social media channel are getting out of my hands, because managing them separately has become a real hassle. I've been looking into social CRM solutions, and so far now, Kayako looks very solid (website). Although, other options like SalesForce, Nimble and Batchbook look solid as well. So my question is: which one do you think is the best? Please, if you are speaking from experience, then I want your recommendation even more! Please, help me even more if you think that proper customer support is crucial for an optimal conversion rate!
  18. It is probably about time I took the step and installed an SSL certificate on my main website. It is our main local business site (2 years old) currently ranked 5th to 7th for most of the keywords that drive our business so I really don't want to screw it up and lose our rankings. I've heard that if it isn't done right your rankings can plummet which would be a disaster for us. I'm wondering if there is a particular type of SSL certificate I should have? I've heard for the best SEO results I need a more expensive one? What should I be looking for? And is there a forum member or Codeable person who I can hire to install it and make sure the SEO side is done correctly? There are lots of people who can install a certificate but I need it done right with respect to SEO. We are on Wordpress hosted with WP Engine and all of our existing pages and links are to the http version. Can anyone help or suggest someone? Thanks
  19. Before I jump into the best external link establishment apparatuses, I need to pause for a minute to clarify how third-party referencing has changed as of late. A significant number of you likely have a few confusions that were gotten from the dark cap days of connection spamming and steady remarking. Let me get straight to the point, those strategies will never again work. External link establishment in 2017/2018 isn't what it used to be. In the event that you need to be an effective connection developer, you can no longer simply spam the remarks area of a contender's blog or land the periodic visitor post on a low-level site. To make progress in the cutting edge period, you should create connections, procure amazing connections, and discover approaches to make delightful interlacing backlinks from sites all over the web. Putting it essentially, third-party referencing in 2018 is the craft of building connections and offering enough an incentive to different bloggers and industry specialists that they will compensate your diligent work with a connection to your substance. Google will then look positively upon this backlink and utilize it as a deciding variable when their calculations choose how to rank you. is a free tool that gives you anchor text ideas for your target keywords. Linkio researched the backlink profiles for top ranking sites to identify anchor text patterns and used that data to create an algorithm that provides anchor text recommendations. Whether you’re trying to build link for your homepage, commercial pages or blog articles, they have natural anchor text suggestions that’ll help you build more natural links faster. Link building teams that generate dozens of links a month benefit from the automation and from building a varied backlink profile, similar to how trusted brands generate links. Studies have shown that a varied anchor text profile is necessary to stay away from Google’s algorithm penalties so having a tool like an Anchor Text Generator in your kit is a win for any serious link builder.
  20. i have gone through the list and found some of them are not really free. but anyway, it is helpful.
  21. I don't neutralize the toxic link, I just remove it by using Google Disavow Tool.
  22. neal patel

    Is HTTPS better than HTTP?

    yes, you are right. Google is pushing everyone which is not good.
  23. Many new domains added to site. All moz.com metrics (DA/PA/Spam score) now get through Link Explorer Open Site Explorer is no longer supported. Please pay attention to this
  24. Sabrina Dalo

    Is HTTPS better than HTTP?

    Yes, because "https" is important for google ranking
  25. Hi Ethan, welcome to the community! Plenty to read and discuss here. Hope you will enjoy it. Yuliya Kyle
  26. Hi there business owners My website on Drupal was not updated for some few months after I read about the cryptojacking I'm happy my website is not between the one. So, I recommend everybody update their website or migrate to non-open-source platform if your website is small and informative for your business... you can read here http://blog.exai.com/blog-articles/drupal-websites-are-victims-to-cryptojacking
  27. Hello everyone! I am Ethan. A long time reader but a first time poster. I am on the verge of learning digital marketing and I think this forum has a lot to offer!
  28. kingjennifer900

    how can i master outreaching?

    can you tell me about any tips you could think of that i need to follow in order to become a master in outreaching in digital marketing?
  29. kingjennifer900

    Go Big or Go Home! Please!!

    how do you decide what products to trust?
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