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    • It is probably about time I took the step and installed an SSL certificate on my main website. It is our main local business site (2 years old) currently ranked 5th to 7th for most of the keywords that drive our business so I really don't want to screw it up and lose our rankings. I've heard that if it isn't done right your rankings can plummet which would be a disaster for us. I'm wondering if there is a particular type of SSL certificate I should have? I've heard for the best SEO results I need a more expensive one? What should I be looking for? And is there a forum member or Codeable person who I can hire to install it and make sure the SEO side is done correctly? There are lots of people who can install a certificate but I need it done right with respect to SEO.  We are on Wordpress hosted with WP Engine and all of our existing pages and links are to the http version. Can anyone help or suggest someone? Thanks
    • Before I jump into the best external link establishment apparatuses, I need to pause for a minute to clarify how third-party referencing has changed as of late.  A significant number of you likely have a few confusions that were gotten from the dark cap days of connection spamming and steady remarking.  Let me get straight to the point, those strategies will never again work.  External link establishment in 2017/2018 isn't what it used to be.  In the event that you need to be an effective connection developer, you can no longer simply spam the remarks area of a contender's blog or land the periodic visitor post on a low-level site.  To make progress in the cutting edge period, you should create connections, procure amazing connections, and discover approaches to make delightful interlacing backlinks from sites all over the web.  Putting it essentially, third-party referencing in 2018 is the craft of building connections and offering enough an incentive to different bloggers and industry specialists that they will compensate your diligent work with a connection to your substance.  Google will then look positively upon this backlink and utilize it as a deciding variable when their calculations choose how to rank you. is a free tool that gives you anchor text ideas for your target keywords. Linkio researched the backlink profiles for top ranking sites to identify anchor text patterns and used that data to create an algorithm that provides anchor text recommendations. Whether you’re trying to build link for your homepage, commercial pages or blog articles, they have natural anchor text suggestions that’ll help you build more natural links faster. Link building teams that generate dozens of links a month benefit from the automation and from building a varied backlink profile, similar to how trusted brands generate links. Studies have shown that a varied anchor text profile is necessary to stay away from Google’s algorithm penalties so having a tool like an Anchor Text Generator in your kit is a win for any serious link builder.
    • i have gone through the list and found some of them are not really free. but anyway, it is helpful.
    • I don't neutralize the toxic link, I just remove it by using Google Disavow Tool.  
    • yes, you are right. Google is pushing everyone which is not good.  
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